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This list of suggested changes has been created by the players as a reference tool for both themselves and the GMs to include all major changes to the game which players would like to see back again at some point. This list is currently not in any order only by memory. If there is debate or discussion about a change listed on the page, please use the Talk page. This page is in no way official, yet will be used to reference changes players would like to see. Please also check Future Updates before posting to prevent redundant topics unless you would like to see an additional change.

  1. Tailoring Items (such as shirts/pants) to be created with Cotton - where you can grown cotton on your farm
  2. Move Glue from the cooking category to something else. We don't eat glue.
  3. Move Pochacco and the newbie spawn point closer to each other so that the first quest is immediately visible on the starting screen.
  4. Pause button for the farms
  5. A "home" button or device to instantly transport you to your farm (this will also solve issues with getting stuck in a tree)
  6. Pet food should increase the hunger more.
  7. It should be easier to increase a pet's mood
  8. An auction house/swap meet/mall so players can sell their stuff to other players (player run economy?)
  9. A sort button on the guild members list so I can see only who is online instead of everybody
  10. Bigger guilds (more than 200 members) or sub-guilds
  11. Higher drop rates during quests (for the items you need)
  12. The drop rate for early non-boss pet cards (Starbeam, Pangurian, Snapper) should be dramatically increased!
  13. Increase the amount of characters that can fit in the message bar.
  14. HKO should support larger resolutions.
  15. Guild Storage

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