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Skill Menu

There are 8 skills within HKO. Four of which are the collecting skills, and have a max of level 15. The other four are the crafting skills, which max at level 8.

Like many other mechanics in HKO, these skill levels often dictate what you can or cannot do. For example, if you are trying to gather from a level 8 resource, such as a Royal Fern, and your Gathering skill is not at least level 8, you will not be able to gather from this resource. You will also need an appropriate level tool; if your skill meets or exceeds the resource level, yet the tool does not, you will still not be able to collect. In this example, you will need a tool that is level 8 or greater.

Farming currently does not have a tool, although there is a slot for one.

Collecting skills are those which collect raw materials from the wild, or from your farm:

Crafting skills take those collected resources, and combined with various vendor items, turn the raw materials into finished goods. While crafting does not need an appropriate tool, again, you will need the appropriate level. Again an example would be if you are trying to produce a Polished Stick, and your Forging skill is not level 2, you will not be able to craft this particular item.

Crafting skills also require a skillbook to learn a specific craft. You will not be able to produce Chocolate Milk until you buy and learn the book. Once a crafting skill is learned, you can look at it by opening the Production panel by pressing P.

There is no skill specialization, skill points, or other similar mechanisms. Every player can learn all the available skill books.

You can view your skill levels at any time by pressing S.


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