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NPCs and Portals

  1. Piano (Inside Moulin Rouge - Key Required)
  2. Melody's Papa (Inside L'Opera de Paris - Key Required)
  3. Harinezumi (Inside Musée Du Louvre)
  4. The Mailman (Inside Post Office - Key Required)
  5. Lala and Kiki (Inside Pantheon)
  6. Farm Supply Merchant, Farm Manager and Home Item Merchant (Inside Farm Market)
  7. Chatting Room
  8. Cheery Chums
  9. Clothes Merchant
  10. Rhythm
  11. Scone and Bagel
  12. Material Merchant
  13. Melody's Grandpa and Melody's Grandma
  14. My Melody (Inside Palaise de Versailles - Key Required)
  15. Tools and Equipment Merchant
  16. Food Merchant
  17. Pet Supply Merchant
  18. Guild Manager
  19. Melody's Mama
  20. Hairdresser
  21. The Policeman
  22. Mini-Game Manager
  23. Train Conductor, Clothes Merchant and Food Merchant (Inside Sunbright Express)

Adjacent Maps

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