My Melody

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My Melody
File:My Melody.jpg
Location: Dream Room 2,

Dream Carnival,
Paris (Inside Palaise de Versailles) and
New York

Birthday: January 18th, 1975
Birthplace: A forest in Maryland
Family: Melody's Grandpa (Grandfather)

Melody's Grandma (Grandmother)

Melody's Papa (Father)

Melody's Mama (Mother)

Rhythm (Brother)

My Melody lives with her mother, father, grandmother and brother, Rhythm. She is honest and good-natured. Her treasure is the bright red hood that her grandma made for her. Her favorite hobby is baking cookies with her mother and her favorite food is almond pound cake-- which she snacks on with her best friend, a mouse named Flat.


Dream Carnival

  • "The lights are so beautiful... I could look at them all night!"


  • "I love listening to classical music. What's your favorite music?"

New York

  • "Brr! New York sure is cold. I sure hope Badtz-Maru appreciates our coming out here."


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