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Since patch notes are practically non-existent, and even when released, rarely detail bugfixes, it is difficult to tell if and when they have been addressed. Use this article to determine if you have a known bug. If you are not sure if you are experiencing a bug, ask other players in game, or on the forums. Remember, just because it doesn't perform the way you think it should does not necessarily indicate a bug.

Here is a list of known bugs:

Date first observed Description
September 17, 2010 Certain guilds have an unremovable member. Attempts to kick, promote, mute does nothing to the ghost, but affects the player in the other guild.
September 22, 2010 If any player uses any transformation cookie (strange chocolate cookie, or cupid cookie), all players on the same map cease performing their current action.
September 24, 2010 The Rainbow Plain has disappeared from the World Map, although players can still access it.
October 19, 2010 The fountains outside the Palaise de Versailles in Paris appear to be no longer flush to the ground, causing players' avatars to disappear beneath them.
December 2, 2010 Random tools appear in players "Accessory (Pants)" slot, rendering the players lower portion nude.
January 26, 2011 The Saving New York quest is the start point for a series of sub-quests, each sub-quest rewarding one of the require essences. If the player does not have sufficient inventory room to receive the essence, the player will not receive the essence, and quest will mark as completed, thus stalling the player and requiring GM intervention.
January 26, 2011 A key is needed to enter Pochi's Pizza Parlor, but a key is not added the collection
January 28, 2011 New Jersey's Spirit (Powered Down) has several issues. If a player built the wand prior to the .4 update, they are able to accept the quest, the reward is a New Jersey Spirit, but the player does not receive this reward. Players who built their powered down version after the .4 update are still not able to activate the quest. If you have already turned in the quest and didn't receive the reward, please PM a GM to ask for the New Jersey Wand.
February 01, 2011 Special characters still cannot be entered in the "Hobbies" section of in-game character's profiles.
February 06, 2011 Tenorikuma's default quote refers to London as "Florapolis": "You won't get lost in the Florapolis, will you? It took me a long time to learn my way around this city."
February 06, 2011 Melody's Mama and Melody's Papa have Purin's Mama and Purin's Papa's NPC Encyclopedia text instead of their own.
February 12, 2011 The sleeping pet animation for Hobbes causes it to blink off and on.
February 12, 2011 New on-hover text labels have been added to farm-grown plants, but the labels appear to be random and do not match the actual plants.
February 12, 2011 Seeds planted on farms now require a matching gathering tool. This explanation is overly simplistic, but to gather from plants, make sure you have a gathering tool that meets or exceeds the level of the seeds.
February 12, 2011 While rearranging inventory, it is possible that the system may report incorrect quest requirements. This is only the red system informational text, as the quest still requires the actual amount of items to be in the player's inventory.
February 13, 2011 Some players' timed cheer wands are not expiring, such as the +crit battery buff and the wands dropped in the Bronx Tunnels.
February 26, 2011 Altho stated that moles have been disabled, they still appear.
March 25, 2011 If a player installs the game after February 17, 2011, certain New York items will render the player nude in their character info screen. Players who had a fully patched version of the game prior to this date will not experience this issue.
May 11, 2011 Players are reporting that they are not able to wear the Red A-Line Skirt
September, 2011 September's weekly quests are not activating. This prevents the September monthly quest from activating as well.
October 8, 2011 October's weekly quests are not activating. This will undoubtedly prevent the monthly quest from activating as well.
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