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How To Find Help in Hello Kitty Online

General Questions

If you have general questions about the game, such as where to find an item or how to complete a quest:

  • First: Ask in game, someone else may have the answer.
  • Second: Ask on the forums
  • Third: Ask the Game Assistants
  • Finally: Ask the Game Masters

Non-general questions

In case of emergency, such as spamming, inappropriate names, and so on, contact a GM directly via Private Message. This includes instances where you character may not be able to move, such as being stuck.

You can add GMs to your friends list so you know who is online.

Technical Issues

First: Ask friends about it, ask in the game (you will probably get the best answer in sanrio harbour), ask on the forums.

Second: If you are experiencing a technical issue, the best way to solve it is to post in the support forum

Third: Send in a Contact Form (it may take a few days for a response)

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