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Learn by reading and doing

The most direct way to learn is to just jump in and try to do things. Instructions on just about every aspect of HKO Wiki are available to assist you in your endeavors.

Wiki Tutorial on Editing

This is a basic tutorial, not an extensive manual. If you want more details, there are links to other pages for more information. To read them as you go along, you can open them in a separate browser window or tab. There are links to "sandbox" pages where you can practice what you're learning. Try things out and play around! Nobody will mind if you mess up and experiment in these practice areas.

Pre-answered questions

Just about every question you can think of has probably already been asked and answered on Wikipedia, somewhere. Save time by looking them up directly. Here's where to find them and their answers:

  • VFAQ - the questions asked the most often about Wiki, and their answers.
  • FAQ - If you have a general or fairly basic question about how to do something on Wiki, the chances are that your question is asked and answered here.
  • Wikipedia Help Desk - all the questions ever asked at the help desk are kept here. If you read through a few hundred questions and answers, you will have a pretty good feel for Wiki's operations.
  • Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)/Archive - like the help desk, but the questions and advice are far more complex, tricky, or expert-level. If you read a few thousand of these questions and their answers, you'll be a Wiki expert (or well on your way).
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