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How to Create a Guild

To great a guild, a player must be level 20 and have 30,000 in-game money (Note: This is the money in your in-game inventory, not the Sanrio Cash Points or Sanrio Loyalty Points). Visit the Guild Manager in all cities of London and above.


Click on Guild Management. If you have met the requirements this screen appears:


There are 8 guild mascots. The choice determines the icon next to the guild name, over players heads. It also determines the color and style of your local chat as well as the guild emotes.

Hello Kitty, Purin, Pochacco, My Melody, Keroppi, Badtzmaru, Little Twin Stars, and Cinnamon. Your mascot/guardian will determine the icon next to your guild name, the special guild emotes you'll have, and the chat box style in normal chat. Click on the mascot/guardian to see what the icon and emotes look like.

Pick the mascot/guardian you want, and then type in the guild name you want in the appropriate box like so:

Click the checkmark. If everything goes well you should get a message saying, "Guild Established Successfully" and your guild name and icon will appear under your name like so:

If you receive a message saying "Failed to Establish Guild", that means either someone else used the name for their guild or its in stored in the system. Either way, your money is not spent. Just choose another name and try again. If you feel someone used the guild name without your permission, contact a GM about this.

Guild Options

To open the guild menu, press 'G'.
1. Guild Settings. Opens the Guild Titles window which allows you to change the title names. Only available as the guild master.
2. Personal Note. No idea what this does as of yet.
3. Invite Player
4. Leave Guild


  • Guild leader can't leave the guild unless they promote someone else to be leader.
  • If you're the only guild member; when you leave, the guild disbands.
  • If you want to keep the name, but you're the only member of the guild and want to leave. Ask someone to join and make them leader, on the condition that they'll make you leader when you return.
  • If your guild is maxed out, you could either: kick some players out or create a second guild. Check with the guild leader first before creating another related guild.
  • If you delete your character and it happens to be the guild leader, the guild is disbanded. No matter how many are in it at the time when you delete your character.

Guild Abilities

Right clicking a guild members name will bring up this menu: File:Guild-Options.png
1. Private Message
2. Promote to Guild Master (only available as guild master) This does NOT ask for confirmation! Be careful!
3. Block/Unblock (Silence/unsilence member)
4. Promote (Raise the rank)
5. Demote (Lower the rank)
6. Remove from Guild This does NOT ask you for confirmation!

WARNING: Be extremely careful when promoting another player that you don't accidentally make them guild leader.


  • You may be able to remove players from guild if they're offline. This was added in an old update, before you couldn't even do that.
  • Guilds may have different ways to promote members, but check with the leader first. Also, don't request to be given a higher rank as you likely will not be promoted.
  • Guilds may have different ways to invite members, but check with the leader first. Unless the leader allows it, no random/mass invites. This means you see someone wandering around and send them an invite without asking first. Discuss it with the player & guild first, before sending them invites. Not all players want to join a guild, but if they want in a guild; they'll let you know.
  • Guild invites might come back as rejected by player, this may be due to them not wanting to join or being afk.

Rank Icons/Abilities

Green circle means online, red circle means offline.
File:RankA.png Unmute, Kick Lower Rank, Invite
File:RankB.png Unmute Lower Rank, Kick Lower Rank, Invite
File:RankC.png Lower Rank, Kick Lower Rank, Invite
File:RankD.png Rank D - Promote Lower Rank, Invite
File:RankE.png Rank E - None


  • It is possible for a higher level player to promote a lower level player to guild leader. That means, level 20 player can create the guild and promote the level 1 player to guild leader.
  • Leaders cannot be demoted or kicked, they can only choose someone else to replace them. Be careful who you choose as the new leader.
  • You cannot demote/kick players of the same rank. Only a higher rank can do that. You can, however, promote players of a lower rank to your rank. Players can be promoted to Rank B, but Rank A is reserved for the guild leader.
  • Do not make all guildies the same rank. This is not recommended, plus it defeats the purpose of a guild.

Final Notes About Guilds

  • Guilds cannot violate HKO/Sanrio Town terms of service. Same goes for the guild members & leaders.
  • Guild names are limited to 15 characters, special characters cannot be used except spaces.
  • Guild mutes prevent you from seeing the guild chat, unlike a GM mute which you can't see/use any chat.

Remember joining a guild is a privilege, not a right. If you want to run the guild, why not create your own?

Finding a Guild

You may view the following pages to browse for a guild you'd like to join! The subcategories are the guild mascots if you happen to have a preference. After that is the guild list for a full list of guilds available on each server along with the inactive guilds. If you'd prefer to search through guilds of a specific server, please see:


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