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Chat Rules

The following are not permitted:

  • Use of profanity or obscene language
  • Spamming or flooding in any channel
  • Illegal transactions
  • Advertising or promoting games (except HKO or SanrioTown games)
  • Threatening anyone
  • Asking and giving of personal information
  • Impersonating a GM or other players
  • Non-English general chat (you may use whatever language you want in your guild channel and private channels, but chat that is seen by non-guild players must be in English)

Doing any of the above will result in muting, time-out room or even banning, so please follow the rules to avoid problems.

Taken from SanrioTown forums

Rules of Conduct

Time Out Room

If you fail to comply with the Hello Kitty Online rules, you may find yourself in the Time Out Room. You'll typically be muted upon entering this room, but it is possible to be sent without a mute as well. If a GM has told you how long you'll be in there and this time has passed or you want to talk to a staff member about your situation, message an online Game Moderator or email for assistance.

Talking to the Time Out Room NPC will display the Rules of Conduct in-game as shown above and will also take away your ability to move.

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