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In the game, GMs can be identified by their names beginning with GM. There are different GMs for each server and each world. Get to know them, and add them to your Friends list. There is always at least one GM on duty. You will usually find them in Sanrio Harbour or Dream Carnival.

No GM will ever ask you for your password. If anyone ever asks you for your password, do not give it to them and report the player to an official GM. GMs, however, may ask for your account name, which is your SanrioTown e-mail address, in PM.

Times, when known, are given in server time.

US/Canada GMs


  • GM-Cashew (2am - 11am)
  • GM-Jujube (6pm - 3am)
  • GM-Lime (10am - 7 pm)
  • GM-Lychee (2am - 11am)
  • GM-Pitaya (Dream Carnival)
  • GM-Pomelo (6pm - 3am)
  • GM-Tangerine (10am - 7pm)

International GMs

Wonderful (English)

  • GM-Chamomile (10am - 7pm)
  • GM-Destiny (6pm - 3am)
  • GM-Dynwaren
  • GM-Galatea (2am - 11am)
  • GM-Naicha
  • GM-Skyline (2am - 11am)
  • GM-Sphinx (Dream Carnival)
  • GM-Zel (6pm - 3am)

Fantasy (German)

  • GM-Antimony
  • GM-Ferro
  • GM-Krypton
  • GM-Rhodium
  • GM-Selenium

Amazing (French)

  • GM-Alexandrite
  • GM-Amethyst
  • GM-Peridot
  • GM-Tanzanite
  • GM-Topaz

The Old Crew

These are some of the GMs who were present during the Founders Beta periods. You may still see them once in a while. And undoubtedly this list is not exhaustive:

  • GM-Abby
  • GM-Neverender


These GMs have gone to adventure elsewhere, but will always remain part of the family. Lest we forget.

  • GM-Avocado
  • GM-Azrael
  • GM-Bacon
  • GM-Ben
  • GM-Chrysolite
  • GM-Dewberry
  • GM-Heine
  • GM-Huckleberry
  • GM-Kiwi
  • GM-Mango
  • GM-Miyaw
  • GM_MorningBell
  • GM-Persimmon
  • GMPirate
  • GM-Red
  • GM-Stepwise
  • GM-Strawberry
  • GM-Tomato
  • GM-Watermelon
  • GM-Xachary
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