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NPCs and Portals

  1. Peter Davis
  2. Pet Supply Merchant
  3. Clothes Merchant
  4. Food Merchant
  5. Tools and Equipment Merchant
  6. Scone
  7. Pata Pata Peppy
  8. Bagel
  9. Pompom Purin (Inside Purin's House - Key Required)
  10. Purin's Papa and Purin's Mama (Inside Purin's Coffeehouse)
  11. CoroCoro Kuririn (Inside Kuririn's House - Key Required)
  12. Sakura (Inside Kuririn's Coffeehouse)
  13. Cho-cho (Inside Cho-cho's House - Key Required)
  14. Chatting Room
  15. Pinkuru (Inside Pinkuru's House)
  16. Farm Manager and Farm Supply Merchant (Inside Farm Market)
  17. The Policeman
  18. Mini-Game Manager
  19. Train Conductor, Food Merchant and Clothes Merchant (Inside Sunbright Express)

Adjacent Maps

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