Dear Daniel

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Dear Daniel
File:Dear Daniel.jpg
Location: Dream Room 1,

Dream Carnival and
London (Inside Big Ben)

Birthday: May 3rd, 1999
Birthplace: London
Hobbies: Taking photos of animals
Skills: Dancing and playing piano

This sensitive and naive boy finds wonder in even the smallest things, and pays special attention to how he looks; his trademark is his ultra-spiky fringe. Born in London, he lives with his papa, mama and little brother. Daniel and Kitty have known each other since they were babies, but he went to Africa with his photographer father. After traveling the globe, Daniel finally left New York to return to meet Kitty again. His dream is still to become a cameraman or debut as a TV personality. He also hasn't lost any of his dancing skills or his craving for cheesecake and yogurt.


Dream Carnival

  • "Great night to you too, my friend! Isn't the Dream Carnival simply magical?"


  • "I need to make something for Kitty!"


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