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Location: Dream Room 4,

Dream Carnival and
New York

Birthday: April 1st, 1993 (April Fools)
Birthplace: Oahu, Hawaii
Home: Gorgeous Town
Hobbies: Collecting photos of bad guy movie stars, beating up goody-goodies

As his April 1st birthday would suggest; Badtz-Maru is one mischievous little penguin. He lives with his mother and pinball-playing father in Gorgeoustown. He attends the first grade at the Gorgeous Academy. Badtz-Maru attracts lots of attention as he walks his pet alligator, Pochl. Badtz-Maru has dreams of greatness when he grows up (to be a company president), but for now he rolls his eyes at his humorous life in Gorgeoustown. He loves to eat expensive sushi in Ginza as well as poripari ramen. This mischievous little guy doesn’t like anything but himself, and he doesn’t mind saying so. So good at being bad! (But a nice guy deep down?)


Dream Carnival

  • "Yo! I thought nothing could beat chilling near the beach... that is until I went to the Dream Carnival. Hoohoo!"

New York

  • "Welcome to New York! I have nothing to do with the mess here- really. Have you seen my baseball? I lost it after the explosion. Uh. Explosions."


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